WILD WORLD® Lifestyle Antique Pocket Gas Lighter (Grey and Black)

WILD WORLD® Lifestyle Antique Pocket Gas Lighter (Grey and Black)

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Material Steel
Style Antique
Fuel Type Electric
Product Dimensions 24L x 12W x 8Th Millimeters

Introducing the WILD WORLD® Lifestyle Antique Pocket Gas Lighter in a sophisticated Grey and Black design – a timeless accessory that marries vintage charm with modern convenience. This pocket-friendly lighter exudes a sense of antiquity, making it a standout addition to your lifestyle essentials. With its sleek colour combination, it seamlessly complements your style, whether casual or formal.

Crafted for portability, the Antique Pocket Gas Lighter is ready to accompany you on all your journeys. Its classic appeal is matched only by its practicality, providing a reliable flame whenever needed. Elevate your everyday carry with this Grey and Black masterpiece, fusing elegance and functionality in a single pocket-sized package. WILD WORLD® invites you to embrace a touch of antique allure with this exquisite Lifestyle Antique Pocket Gas Lighter.

About this item

  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: The Wild World lighter looks great and presentable which makes it an excellent gift for anyone.
  • EASY TO USE: Our smoking lighter is easy to use and features a reliable ignition mechanism, making it a practical choice for both casual and heavy smokers alike.
  • VERSATILE USE: This windproof lighter can be used for lighting cigarettes, cigars, campfires, survival kits, and other outdoor activities.
  • DURABILITY: The sleek and stylish design of this lighter does not compromise, it is made with high-quality metal materials to last and withstand regular use, ensuring that it remains reliable for years to come.
  • EASY TO REFILL: Easy to refill & can be refilled in a matter of seconds. Eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly options compared to disposable lighters.


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